Epi Kardia Christian Literature-based Homeschool Curriculum Using Charlotte Mason Methods

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Want to see your students ENJOY homeschooling? Ditch the Textbooks!

..and try Train up a Child Publishing™

 Christian, Literature-based Homeschool Curriculum

using Charlotte Mason methods instead!


Rather than snore-worthy textbooks, we help you teach your children using real books.

The kind of books written by authors with a passion for their subjects.

The kind of books that you STILL remember from YOUR childhood.

Do you want to make your homeschooling more fun? More memorable? Less boring?

More effective?

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Thank you for these wonderful gifts! They were exactly what I needed for my curriculum this year. I also received your ebook on creating your own curriculum from living books (which I happened to be doing for the first time) and found it so helpful and encouraging!
I feel blessed to have discovered your company - You are on my go-to list from now on!
Kathryn S.

Just commented on one of your wise blogs! :) Good stuff! l love these coming to my inbox! I appreciate the time it takes to minister and encourage! Thanks!
Oh, I just love reading your posts and emails. What a blessing to my mothering heart!