Epi Kardia Christian Literature-based Homeschool Curriculum Using Charlotte Mason Methods

 American Literature:

a Study of American Writers

High School level, Literature-based Language Arts Curriculum for Homeschool Students

          American Literature curriculum for high school students

What would you think of a curriculum that connects literature to significant historical events, integrates writing skills, has a multitude of higher level thinking activities, encourages students to examine and use new vocabulary and offers reading materials on a variety of reading levels?

Our high school American Literature curriculum, American Literature: a Study of American Writers, offers all of that and more. Utilizing whole, living books, your student will examine the written works of great authors and poets such as Booker T. Washington, Ernest Hemingway, Harper Lee and Anne Bradstreet.

This full year curriculum includes studying a play, several novels, a novella and poetry. It incorporates the essay writing skills taught in our Essay Styles for High School and we strongly recommend that course as a prerequisite to the rest of our literature and history courses. It is also possible for students to take the courses concurrently with another of our courses, as they follow the same pattern of essay writing assignments.

A wide variety of activities and writing styles provides diverse options for both parents and students. This curriculum also includes detailed teaching and evaluation notes empowering parents to teach even if they don’t feel confident teaching writing. It’s also designed for those self-motivated students who just need the books and instructions. Evaluation and study tools round out this useful and literature infused course.



"Thank you for a wonderful literature program. We, as a family, were so glad to find a literature program that will take us all the way through high school.We are currently using American Literature. 

When we discussed [my daughter's] honors assignment of a Crucible Newspaper her response was "fun!" Again, when we discussed the assignments for "To My Husband and Other Poems" her response was "fun!" I know that doesn't sound exciting...but she was truly excited about her assignments and eager to get started.

Again, I want to thank you for putting this program together."

--Ann from SC


Other notable highlights include: 

An introduction describing how to fully use the curriculum for credit and how to choose the best assignments for your student
Literary units including goals and objectives, literature summaries, warm up exercises and step by step instructions for reading and other assignments
Specific directions for optional honors activities
Evaluation directions, rubric usage and recommendations for the teacher

Appendices containing helpful tools such as:
--editing checklist
--graphic organizers for literary components including plot mapping and characterization
--vocabulary lists and activity ideas
--grading suggestions
--rubric directions and templates for each style.

See Table of Contents and a sample reading selection for American Literature: a Study of American Writers here.*


This curriculum will allow your high school student to learn about literature, history and practice strong writing skills while at the same time developing higher level thinking skills. All of these elements combine to create excellent learning and life skills.


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