Epi Kardia Christian Literature-based Homeschool Curriculum Using Charlotte Mason Methods

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Daily Lesson Plans



Train up a Child Publishing's Daily Lesson Plans



Do you feel unequipped to teach your children and have trouble pulling school all together and keeping it going without a detailed plan?

If you are looking for a Christian literature-based homeschool curriculum that does not require a great deal of planning and preparation time, this is the one to choose!

I would absolutely recommend Train up a Child Publishing (formerly Epi Kardia), especially for any family that is interested in well-planned curriculums that are literature-based using a Charlotte Mason approach... I was impressed with how comprehensive the Daily Lesson Plans were and our family was not disappointed with the results of using it... I have learned so much about our history and Charlotte Mason's methods...I think I learned more from your curriculum than I did in school. --Tracey*

*Read the rest of Tracey's very detailed review of our First Grade Daily Lesson Plans here.

Exactly what you will get if you order our Daily Lesson Plans:

  • 35 weeks of daily lesson plans covering history, science, language arts and fine arts 
  • Each week of lesson plans includes: 
  1. Themes and Objectives Page for History, Science, Language Arts, Fine Arts and Projects for that week 
  2. Complete book lists for the week of independent readers, and read together/read aloud books 
  3. List of resource books suggested, if any 
  4. List of supplies needed for the week for history and science activities, experiments and projects 
  5. History/Reading page with Daily Reading Assignments, Discussion Questions, Timeline/Globe/Map Skills assignments, Poetry/Fine Arts reading, other assignments and Projects 
  6. Science/Memory Work Page with daily science reading assignments, discussion questions and project/experiment assignments as well as memory work assignments 
  7. Language Arts Page with daily narration, copy work, other composition and grammar instruction/assignments, spelling words (elementary), and vocabulary words 
  8. Applicable supplementary information for the week including: Project Directions, Teacher's Notes, Teacher's Keys, graphic organizers, and more. 

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Kindergarten Program*

*Note: We are updating this program so it is not available for purchase for the time being. If you are interested in finding out more, email us at infodesk@trainupachildpub.com or join our mailing list to be the first to find out when we are ready to launch the new edition!

First Grade Daily Lesson Plans

First Grade Daily Lesson Plans


Second Grade Daily Lesson Plans

Second Grade Daily Lesson Plans


Third Grade Daily Lesson Plans

Third Grade Daily Lesson Plans


Fourth Grade Daily Lesson Plans

Fourth Grade Daily Lesson Plans

Fifth Grade Daily Lesson Plans: Not yet! We are working on them now.


Daily Lesson Plans for Middle School

Middle School -1 Daily Lesson Plans

Best for 7th/8th grade reading/writing level. Suggestions are included as to how to modify assignments to fit younger students.


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Benefits of our Daily Lesson Plans include:

You will know exactly what you are to cover each week with themes and objectives listed for each subject.
You will be totally prepared with book, resources and supplies lists for each week, making it easy to pull everything together in advance
You can teach confidently with literature and science discussion questions provided.
You will be able to teach grammar with ease since lessons are provided with teacher's keys and notes.
You can be confident you are covering all important subject areas we include with composition assignments, science, art and history projects ideas provided.
Even if you are not the "literary type," you can confidently teach poetry with reading and lessons provided.
You will be able to gently teach language arts the Charlotte Mason way with copy work, dictation and spelling assignments (K-5) all included for you.
You won't have to worry about fitting in music and art, as our daily lesson plans integrate period and classical music study as well as picture study with history
You don't have to figure out how to squeeze in geography: map and timeline assignments are included.

You can effectively teach your student to take notes, with charts and other graphic organizers included to help your student indentify the main ideas

You can be assured all the bases are covered with Internet links for extra research and enrichment activities added

The burden of planning everything yourself is lifted with our Comprehensive daily plans  worked out for you in advance, allowing you more time to teach!


 Special Offer!

If you would like to try our lesson plans, you may purchase our first unit (The Ancients--six weeks of plans!) for only $25.  Within 24 hours of your order we will send you a link for download!

 If you fall in love with your trial unit and you would like to purchase Daily Lesson Plans for the rest of the year, we will apply your $25 to your purchase. We think you'll love 'em!

Order sample or Daily Lesson Plan sets here.


Daily Lesson Plans for history, science, language arts and fine arts for homeschool students

Our oldest at one of her first trips to the beach at Grandma and Granddaddies'! She loved it!