Epi Kardia Christian Literature-based Homeschool Curriculum Using Charlotte Mason Methods

Kindergarten Program

kindergarten daily lesson plans, Christian kindergarten curriculum

Our Kindergarten Program contains daily lesson plans and includes everything you need (besides the books!) to teach:



phonics and sound formation


handwriting and copywork


memorization of poetry and Bible verses



Using a Charlotte Mason approach to teaching and learning, this kindergarten curriculum utilizes high quality, beautifully illustrated whole, living books (not included) available at local and church libraries, used book stores or online at Amazon.com. To see which books we included in our daily lesson plans for kindergarten, click here.

One distinctive of this Christian kindergarten curriculum is that the phonics, handwriting and copywork lessons are taken from the books you are reading for history and science - reinforcing everything your child is learning!

The teacher's manual included tells how to teach kindergarten---from the supplies you will need (and how to organize them) to ideas for occupying busy toddlers while you are teaching.


Complete daily lesson plans are provided for you so you have less preparation time and can spend more of your time teaching and being a mommy!

As with the rest of Epi Kardia's curriculum, our Kindergarten Program is organized by the chronological study of history. This curriculum is divided into 11 historical units , with one additional unit on world geography. 

Most units are four weeks long, except the Civil War Unit (3 weeks) and the Immigration and Expansion Unit (5 weeks). A ‘school week’ is defined in this program as four days, and they are numbered, so you may do them consecutively without worrying about getting behind.

There are 45 four-day weeks for a total of 180 school days.  The Weekly Plans contain 45 weeks of plans, allowing some “wriggle room,” should you choose to spend an extra day or so on a unit or two. If you decide to teach kindergarten 5 days a week, you will have 36 weeks of school. Each day is numbered, but they are not assigned a specific day of the week to give you the flexibility to choose a 4-day or 5-day week.

See the Scope and Sequence for our Kindergarten daily lesson plans here.

kindergarten daily lesson plans, Christian kindergarten curriculum 

Benefits of our Kindergarten Curriculum:

Kindergarten Complete Program features You can be assured, you have all of the curriculum you need for teaching kindergarten (except for arithmatic), with an entire year of complete daily lesson plans integrating history, geography, phonics, reading, handwriting, science, fine arts and projects using Charlotte Mason methodology
Kindergarten Complete Program features You will be able to confidently teach your child to read with Epi Kardia's step by step directions,  daily phonics  lessons and phonics worksheets included
Kindergarten Complete Program features Your child will love the recommended, beautifully illustrated whole, living books readily found in your local libraries and online - and YOU won't have to worry about being surprised by a politically correct or biased anti-religious agenda in our recommended titles
Kindergarten Complete Program features You can relax with a complete book and supply list for each unit AND for each week of study, to make planning easy, so you can enjoy kindergarten
Kindergarten Complete Program features You will be amazed at your child's level of engagement and retention with phonics lessons and worksheets pulled directly from the books specified in the program and tied to the daily lesson plans - making these tools relevent to his learning
Kindergarten Complete Program features

You will be ready to teach reading with our included phonics word lists and worksheets as well as letter cards for hands on phonics learning


Ordering Details

Our kindergarten daily lesson plans are printed on quality white paper, pre-punched and shipped in two white view binders--click here to see everything that is included.

Our Kindergarten Program comes in two different handwriting styles: Italic or Manuscript. Click on either link to go to the online catalog page.


*Note that you need Adobe Reader in order to view the samples. You can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader athttp://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

kindergarten daily lesson plans, Christian kindergarten curriculum 





 "A Child learns from 'Things.' --We older people, partly because of our maturer intellect, partly because of our defective education, get most of our knowledge through the medium of words.  We set the child to learn in the same way, and find him dull and slow.  Why?  Because it is only with a few words in common use that he associates a definite meaning; all the rest are no more to him than the vocables of a foreign tongue.  But set him face to face with a thing, and he is twenty times as quick as you are in knowledge about it; knowledge of things flies to the mind of a child as steel filings to magnet. 

Charlotte Mason (Vol. I, Part II --Out of Door Life For the Children, p. 67)

"The children must enjoy the book.  The ideas it holds must each make that sudden, delightful impact upon their minds, must cause that intellectual stir, which mark the inception of an idea."

Charlotte Mason (Vol. III, Chapter 16 ow to Use School-Books, p. 178)