Epi Kardia Christian Literature-based Homeschool Curriculum Using Charlotte Mason Methods

The Steps to Writing a Research Paper

High School Level Curriculum for Homeschool Students

Have you tackled the dreaded research paper yet?!

This curriculum will make it easy!


Homeschool High school Curriculum how to write a research paper

Research paper writing skills thoroughly developed in high school allow for an easier transition to college writing. We recommend that high school students complete at least two formal research papers prior to graduation.


Not sure where to start? Our popular course high school curriculum, The Steps to Writing a Research Paper, covers all of the essential steps and skills making it easier to teach this important course.


From selecting a topic to outlining to presenting a formal final draft, this curriculum not only provides instruction, but also includes additional activities to help reinforce the necessary skills.


As well, it contains a full sample research paper actually written by a high school student as a realistic reference.


Specific academic writing related issues are addressed in detail including plagiarism, the MLA writing style, writing transitions and footnoting documentation.


Tools, including a final editing checklist, provide the support that you and your student will need to complete a successful, well written research paper. As with all of our high school curricula, evaluation suggestions and rubrics enable almost any parent to accurately grade their student’s final research paper, as well as all of the steps in the process.


This course is recommended as one half credit completed in one semester.


Other notable highlights include:

An introduction describing how to fully use the curriculum for credit and the steps required to complete a formal research paper
Sequential steps detailing the components required to complete a research paper
Various activities to promote strong skills related to each component
Evaluation directions, rubric usage and recommendations for the teacher

Appendices containing helpful tools such as:
--research paper sample including the body, outline and bibliography
--guidelines for using the MLA format
--information about important writing related issues such as plagiarism and transitional phrases
--exploration research tool
--final editing checklist

See the Table of Contents for The Steps to Writing a Research paper.

*Note that you need Adobe Reader in order to view the samples. You can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader athttp://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

If used as instructed, this curriculum will provide your high school student with relevant and essential experience resulting in a well written and well organized research paper. Such skills can contribute to more confident writing in college and in life. 




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